Viscosity / Rheology

Brookfield accessories

These accessories make it possible to improve the capacities of the viscometers of the traditional Brookfield range.

Brookfield viscosity standards ref. 21OH

The Brookfield silicone viscosity standards can be used with the standard viscometers. Stable and not toxic, these standards are calibrated at 25°C according to NIST.
Available viscosity standards (cP) : 5, 10, 50, 100, 500,1000, 5000, 12500, 30000, 60000, 100000.
The Brookfield mineral viscosity standards, calibrated at 25°C or 60°C, are recommended for the high gradient speed viscometers (type CAP or I.C.I.), with cone/plate geometries and coaxial cylinders.

  • Accuracy : 1 %.
  • Supplied in 500 ml containers with certificate NIST.
  • Special standards on demand.

Quick connect Quick Connect

Kit for quick connection/deconnection of Brookfield spindles, by fitment of two bevelled connections, allowing to protect the axis of the viscometer at the time of assembling/disassembling the spindles.

  • Fits on all the Brookfield viscometers and on the Helipath accessory.
  • Facilitates assembling and disassembling of the spindles.
  • Protects the axis of clogging and bad handling.

Small sample adapter ref. SSA

Adapter with cylindrical geometry for limited samples volumes (2 to 16 ml).

  • Consists of an adapter, measuring chamber and a cylindrical stainless steel spindle.
  • Possibility to work with controlled temperatures between -15 and +100°C.
  • Can be used with a water bath or cryostat.
  • 3 types of chamber : stainless steel (13R), stainless steel equipped with a temperature gauge (13RP) or disposable aluminum (13RD).

Thermosel system ref. Thermosel

System designed for high temperature viscosity measuring (up to 300°C), by coaxial geometry, of sample volumes of 8 to 13 ml.

  • Supplied with a temperature controller, a measuring chamber in stainless steel and a coaxial cylindrical spindle to choose (type SC4-XX).

THER 1 : Programmable Thermosel system.
HT2DB : Set of 100 disposable aluminum chambers.


Helipath stand ref. Helipath

Designed for measuring the viscosity of paste-like samples such as gels, pastes and thixotropic products, eliminating  'channeling' thanks to the helical path.

  • Supplied with stand and base, drive motor and 6 spindles.

Spiral adapter ref. SAA

Adapter for paste-like products such as pastes, gels, cosmetics and all the products with heavy thixotropy, detecting the pseudo plastic and thixotropic behaviour of samples by measuring under constraint.

  • Variable shear rates.
  • Supplied with 2 spindles and a measuring chamber.

Ultra low viscosity adapter ref. ULA

Adapter with coaxial cylindrical geometry for low viscosity products (from 1 to 2 000 cP).

  • Possibility to work with controlled temperatures : -15 to +100°C.
  • Supplied with a measuring chamber and a cylindrical spindle in stainless steel.
  • Can be used with a water bath or cryostat.

ULA-Y : ULA system without end cap.
ULA-ZY : ULA system with end cap.


Ultra low viscosity adapter ref. ULA-DIN

Adapter with coaxial cylindrical geometry for measuring low viscosities according to the standard DIN 53019.

  • Required product volume : 16 to 20 ml.
  • Supplied with 3 measuring chambers and 3 cylindrical spindles in stainless steel.

Option Cone / Plate geometry ref. CPE

The viscometers DV-I+, DV-II+ Pro and DV-III Ultra are also available in cone / plate version.
This option isn't adaptable afterwards. It must be specified at the time of order.
It makes it possible to work with small sample volumes (< 2 ml) and with high shear rates.
The adjustment of the distance cone / plate is carried out automatically by an electronic system.


Thermostatic water baths ref. TCxxxD

  • 2 temperature ranges.
  • Micro processor controlled. 
  • Uninterrupted operation.
  • External circulation.
  • Safety alarm and functions.

Programmable thermostatic water baths ref. TCxxxP

This circulating water bath, designed for the Brookfield viscometers, makes it possible to bring the products at temperature, before and during measuring, and to control the temperature of the thermostatic Brookfield accessories (SSA, ULA ...).

  • Temperature control automated by the Rheocalc software (DVIII+).
  • Automatic regulation of the temperature approach.
  • Accuracy : 0,01°C.
  • No external connection required.

Thermostatic water baths ref. TCxxxX

  • Economical.
  • Large character display.
  • Single-speed pump.
  • Maximum temperature up to 135°C.

Water baths Ref. LabWorks 1000/2000

  • Microprocessor-controlled.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Large LED display.
  • Warning and safety functions.
  • Continuous operation.
  • External circulation.
  • 2 range of temperature : +10/+100°C and -15/+100°C.