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Drying and heating ovens ED / FD / FED

The diversity of thermal applications : the BINDER drying or heating chamber is suited for all applications thanks to its wide temperature range, whether if it's effective drying, extended warm storage or sterilization with homogeneous temperature distribution.

The wide temperature range of 5°C to 300°C ensures fast heating-up times and a large reserve capacity.

Whether it's with natural convection or forced convection, our heating and drying chambers guarantee an optimal quality level and process safety.

ED series : Drying chambers with natural convection

Volumes : 23 l 53 l 115 l 240 l 400 l 720 litres

FD series : Drying chambers with forced convection

Volumes : 23 l 53 l 115 l 240 litres

FED series : Heating chambers with forced convection

Volumes : 53 l 115 l 240 l 400 l 720 litres


Vacuum drying ovens VD / VDL

The benchmark for delicate drying.

Drying with no residues, no danger of incrustation, no oxidation, all under gentle cycle conditions.

The VD series offers safe drying with homogenous temperature distribution, thanks to its electronically controlled APT.line™ preheating technology. Optimum heat transfer through patented expansion rack technology, the racks can be positioned as needed and are easy to clean. It guarantees homogeneous and delicate drying.

The VDL series has a patented flame retardant seal, an over pressure capsulated instrument panel and controlled heating release that offers additional protection when handling flammable solvents.

VD series : Vacuum drying oven for non-flammable solvents

Volumes : 23 l 53 l 115 litres

VDL series : Safety vacuum drying oven for flammable solvents

Volumes : 23 l 53 l 115 litres


Universal ovens Air Expert

These ovens are used for drying, warming up the samples, tests, sterilization and any other thermal test up to 250°C. They have a breakdown by turbine to save considerable time during the warm-up and guarantee a perfect homogeneity even at full load.

AE60 : Oven 58 liters. Interior dim. : W 400 x D 370 x H 390 mm.

AE120 : Oven 118 liters. Interior dim. : W 500 x D 470 x H 500 mm.

AE240 : Oven 230 liters. Interior dim. : W 500 x D 470 x H 980 mm.