Colour / Gloss

Opacity control

These apparatuses make it possible to qualify the transparency of semi opaque products. The used technologies are between the ones that are used for colour control and the ones that are used for gloss control.

Opacity meter Novo-Shade Duo

The Novo-Shade Duo makes it possible to evaluate the colour of a surface (a simple colour indication based on the intensity light/dark) and allows you to calculate the opacity of coatings, plastic film and paper samples. Measurement is carried out according to the measuring geometry 0/45°. The Novo-Shade Duo measures the colour of surfaces and not the specular reflectance (the gloss).


Pfund cryptometer -

Easy and fast method to determine the hiding power of wet film.
The method consists of determining the minimum film thickness by covering the base plate.
The white part is used for the dark paints and the black part for the light paints.
A calculator makes it possible to determine the coverage in m² per litre.


The LENETA contrast and opacity charts are very largely used for application support to carry out the tests of opacity control. We invite you to have a look at our section Film application.