Mechanical tests

Hardness of coatings and materials

Control of the surface hardness of coatings and plastic products.

Hardness pencil according to Wolff Wilborn ref. RW1

According to : ASTM D3363, ECCA T4

Tests the hardness of a coating by moving graphite pencils of different hardnesses on its surface, under a constant force and according to a fixed angle (45°).

  • Supplied in an aluminum case with 20 pencils from 8B to 10H and a pencil sharpener.

VF2377 : Hardness pencil Wolff Wilborn 750g + 1000g
VF2378 : Hardness pencil Wolff Wilborn 750g
VF2379 : Hardness pencil Wolff Wilborn 500g

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Buchholz test ref. BH2000

According to : Norme ISO 2815 et méthode d’essai ECCA T12

Tests the surface hardness of paint and varnish coatings by applying a bevelled wheel onto the coating under a constant load (500 g). The length of the print in the coating is measured using an illuminated microscope.

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Hardness tester Barcol ref. GYZJ

Easy to use hardness tester to control the hardness of materials. A conversion table makes it possible to convert in Rockwell, Brinell or Vickers units.

GYZJ 934-1 : Model for hard plastics (polyester, gel coat, epoxy), aluminum, brass ...
GYZJ 935 : Model for soft plastics (polyethylene, PVC...) and very soft metals.
GYZJ 936 : Model for extremely soft materials such as lead, linoleum, leather ...

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Hardness pendulum Persoz / König SP0500

Pendulum hardness test conform to the Persoz and Konig tests.

  • The tester is housed in a transparent case to prevent air movement from interfering with the operation.
  • Equipped with an automatic electronic counter.

Hardness pendulum Persoz and Konig.
Hardness pendulum Konig.
Hardness pendulum Persoz.

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