Colour / Gloss

Light cabinets - RAL colour fans

The human observation of colours may be distorted by the surroundings. It is necessary to 'standardise'  the observation surroundings and to have reference colours which are gathered in colour fans.

Light cabinets CAC

Especially designed for colour matching and the examination of any material asking a strict control of colour variations.
  • Backlit digital display.
  • 4 or 5 light sources :
    D65, A, UV, TL84, TL83, D75, D50, Industrial White. 
  • Interior colour : Grey Munsell N5 (others on request).

Observation areas
CAC portable : L 64 x l 29 x H 29 cm.
CAC 60 : L 68 x l 38 x H 36 cm.
CAC 120 : L 126 x l 59 x H 57 cm.
CAC 150 : L 152 x l 59 x H 57 cm.


Light cabinets Colorbox VF0600 / VF1200

The Multi-Source light cabinets are suitable for all industries and applications where there's a need to maintain colour consistency and product quality. It's an essential tool for visual colour assessment, comparison of colour variations and the detection of metamerism.

  • Standard supplied with five different light sources.
  • Interior colour is neutral matt grey Munsell N7.
  • Lamp timer to track ageing of each individual light source.
  • Total operating hours of the ColorBox.

Inner dimensions :
VF0600 68 x 36 x 38 cm.
VF1200 128 x 59 x 59 cm.

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Light cabinet SpectraLight QC

This light cabinet was developed by X-Rite.

Features :

  • Integrated light sensors provide real-time digital output of fluorescent lamp Lux, which can be set by the operator to meet industry standards such as ASTM, ISO and AATCC.
  • Ability to create user profiles.
  • Reporting (in combination with optional software).

Interior dimensions :
Height : 700 mm
Width : 940 mm
Depth : 610 mm


Colour fans RAL

Colour collection. Basic collections of RAL colours to compare, classify and identify the colours.

RAL K1 : Spiral bound booklet of 213 RAL colours - Gloss finish.
RAL K5 : Fan deck of 213 RAL colours - Satin finish.
RAL K7 : Fan deck of 213 RAL colours  - Gloss finish.
RAL 840 HR : Collection of 213 colours on single cards (satin finish).
RAL 841 GL : Collection of 196 colours on single cards (gloss finish).


Suspended luminaries ref. VL

The suspended luminaries VL 120 and VL 150 make it possible to standardise a part in the standardised lighting of type "daylight D65" or D50. Each luminary includes 4 lamps 120 or 150 cm of the type D65 or D50.

VL 120 : Luminary VL 120 (130 x 62 x 17 cm).
VL 150 : Luminary VL 150 (156 x 62 x 17 cm).


Transparency viewer ref. VTV

Visualisation and control system of colours of transparent printing works under light source D50.

  • Stand in option.

VTV 181 : Visionary VTV 1812 (31 x 46 cm).
VTV 182 : Visionary VTV 1824 (61 x 46 cm).