Corrosion / Weathering

Climatic chambers

The climatic chambers make it possible to carry out a great number of environmental behaviour tests where the temperature and humidity are controlled.

Climatic chambers MK / MKF / MKT / MKFT

The BINDER environmental simulation chambers offer you ideal testing conditions thanks to their vapor pressure humidification system and the patented APT.line™ airflow design. This guarantees exact measurements over the entire temperature range.

With the comprehensive standard equipment, the BINDER environmental simulation chambers are perfectly suitable for testing materials between -70°C and 180°C. They are reliable and state-of-the-art technology.

BINDER offers you an environmental simulation chamber adapted to your needs, for your cyclic thermal tests or your variable climate profiles tests or thermal complex tests.

MK series : Environmental simulation chamber for cyclic thermal tests.
The ideal simulation chamber for thermal and refrigeration tests in the classic temperature range of -40°C up to 180°C.

Volumes : 53 l 115 l 240 l 720 litres

MKF series : Environmental simulation chamber for complex variable climate profiles.
Perfectly suited for tests according to the current standards in the temperature range of -40°C up to 180°C and a relative humidity from 10% up to 98%.

Volumes : 115 l 240 l 720 litres

MKT series : Environmental simulation chamber for thermal complex tests.
This simulation chamber is the solution for extreme testing requirements between -70°C and 180°C.

Volumes : 240 litres

MKFT series : Environmental simulation chamber for variable climate tests at a very low temperature.
This simulation chamber is the solution for extreme testing requirements between -70°C and 180°C.

Volumes : 115 l 240 litres


Constant climate chambers KBF / KBF P / KBF LQC / KMF

The constant climate chambers from BINDER are a complete solution to perform photostability tests, easily and efficiently.

The BINDER contact climate chambers of the KBF P series are suited for tests according to ICH guideline and don't depend on water supply. Their characteristic : climatic tests and light tests can be performed simultaneously in one chamber.

Models : KBF, KBF P (with lighting system according to ICH), KBF LQC (Light Quantum Control).

Volumes : 115 l 240 l 720 litres

The KMF series of BINDER are the constant climate chambers with a large temperature and humidity range which makes this series unique in its class.

Volumes : 115 l 240 l 720 litres


Climatic test chambers Feutron

Chambers allowing to simulate the majority of temperature and moisture tests, whether they are constant or cyclic.
  • A microprocessor enables an easy programme running.
  • Quick stabilisation of temperature and humidity.
  • Window with test room lighting.
  • Specific volumes on demand.

Condensation tester QCT-Ado

According to : PSA et ISO 6270

Allows an accelerated simulation of the damage caused by rain and dew on metals, paints and organic material.
The QCT reproduces the effect of outdoor moisture with the universal corrosion agent "agressive water", composed of distilled water and dissolved oxygen, while accelerating the results by increasing the temperature.
  • Automatic regulation allowing to program cycles of variable intensity, from very wet to dry.
  • According to the standards PSA and ISO 6270.

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Immersion test Bac Ford

According to : AFNOR T30-054, ISO 1521

Test to determine the resistance of a coating to the immersion in deionised water thermostated to 40°C +/- 1°C. The test plates are immersed under an angle of 15° during several days.

Immersion test Machu

The Machu test is an accelerated corrosion test on test panels and construction parts according to Qualicoat and QIB specifications.

Machu scratch knife VF8600 - VF8605

The Machu scratch instruments, such as CC2000 Basic or CC3000 Professional are especially designed to perform cuttings before a corrosion test as prescribed in the Qualicoat standard Machu test, salt spray tests and CASS tests.