Colour / Gloss

Colorimetry of liquids

The spectrocolorimeters allow the objective measurement of coloured transparent liquids and plastics, according to the colour scales : Iodine, Gardner, Hazen (Pt-Co), Klett, Saybolt, ASTM D-1500, Lovibond®, Ly, Lr (5"1/4 and 1"1/4), European Pharmacopoeia (R, J, JB, JV, B), as well as (Tx, Ty, Tz), (X, Y, Z), (x, y, Y), (Lab*-CIE), DL*, Da*, Db*, DE*, DC*, Dh, Yellow index Yi, photometric mode.
® : Lovibond is a registered mark of TINTOMETER Ltd.

Spectrocolorimeter Lico 620

The new Lico 620 measures the colour of clear, transparent liquids with reference beam technology. Measures up to 5 ISO/ASTM colour scales.

Spectrocolorimeter Lico 690

The new LICO 690 measures all major colour scales, such as Iodine, Hazen, Gardner and CIELAB, quickly and easily using a single sample preparation and measurement. Thanks to its automatic cell detection with integrated calibration memory for round and square cells, it is also very easy to operate and provides a high degree of reliability by means of testing equipment that is certified in relation to GLP, measuring equipment monitoring and ISO 9000.