Viscosity / Rheology

Other viscometers and texture analyzer

Testing devices for viscosity and analysis of the flow specific to certain industrial fields.

Viscometers type ICI CAP 1000+/ CAP 2000+

Viscometer cone / plate with high gradient speed allowing the characterisation of products applied under constraint, such as paints, inks, varnishes, resins, cosmetics, food products ...

  • Fast measuring - Easy to clean.
  • Rugged design.
  • Small sample size (< 2 ml).
  • Fast temperature setting by Peltier effect.
  • Display of viscosity (± 2 %) and temperature (±  0,5°C).
  • 10 types of interchangeable spindles. 
  • In option for the CAP 2000 : analysis software CAPCALC.



Brookfield viscometer Krebs ref. KU-2

Viscometer for products like paints and inks, immediately displaying the values in Krebs units, grammes or centipoise.

  • Compatible with ASTM D562.
  • No weights required.
  • Measures samples of 500, 250 or 125 ml.
  • Accuracy : 1 % . Reproducibility : 0,5 %.
  • In option : special spindle ref. KU1-75Y for paste-like products.

Consistometer Bostwick

Measures the consistency of viscous products like sauces, jam, chocolate, etc. by measuring the distance covered in a given time.

  • In stainless steel.
  • Length : 235 mm. Graduations : 5 mm.
  • Levelling with water gauge.

Texture analyzer CT3

The CT3 texture analyzer is used to test many different types of materials.
With 6 test modes (plus calibration check) and a wide choice of accessories, no other texture analyzer has ever done so much without requiring a computer and software.

Used for : cosmetics, packaging, foods, personal care products, gelatin, pharmaceuticals and mechanical devices.

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