Thickness measurement

This section contains the apparatuses for measuring the coating thickness of dry or wet film, on ferrous or non-ferrous substrates, as well as the apparatuses for wall thickness measurement.

PosiTector 200 / Non destructive ultrasonic thickness measurement


New PosiTector 200 Instructional Video
DeFelsko is pleased to announce the premiere of the PosiTector 200 Instructional Video: Measuring on Rough Surfaces.
Measuring rough coatings can be a challenge for any measurement method but the PosiTector 200 is well equipped to accurately measure the textured coatings that are commonly found on plastic, wood and concrete materials.
This professionally narrated and edited video provides easy answers to some common questions in a dynamic, entertaining way. The  8 minute instructional video offers tips and techniques for adjusting the gage’s measurement range to ignore surface roughness, and work with averages to get better thickness results.
The viewer will also learn proper measuring techniques, see how to correctly apply ultrasonic gel, watch the menu being used and generally become more comfortable with this popular instrument.
The PosiTector 200 continues to impress customers as the world’s most affordable and easy to use non-destructive gage for measuring coatings on non-metals.
To view the video online please use the following link :
PosiTector 200 Video Online
To get the full use out of this training and support tool, you can download the entire video (39 MB) from our website :
PosiTector 200 Video Download

Simple. Durable. Accurate.

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