Corrosion / Weathering

In this section we have joined together the equipment and services to qualify the resistance and the durability in time of products and their coatings.

Volkswagen approves the Q-SUN Xe-3


Volkswagen AG authorises its factories and suppliers to use the Q-SUN Xe-3 for Xenon aging tests, more specifically for 3 test methods.

Several years of research in various laboratories of the group have shown that the aging chamber with Xenon flash Q-SUN Xe-3 provides similar results to those obtained in a test chamber ATLAS Xenotest Beta concerning 3 aging standards of sunlight ( PV1306, PV3929 and PV3930).

Qualification testing began in 2004 with the teams of Dupont Mexico willing to test the samples according to the existing VW specifications.

The similar results between the Q-LAB machine and the ATLAS machine led to the validation of the Q-SUN Xe-3.

Further tests in other laboratories have led to the same result.

VW has decided to amend 3 standard tests by reference to performance and machine specifications, rather than a precise machine model, allowing the use of the Q-SUN Xe-3.

The subcontractors of VW, in the whole world, now have the opportunity to reduce their testing costs, while meeting the automobile standards.

In fact, the Q-SUN is clearly positioned as a reliable machine, reproducible and low purchasing and operation cost.

Discount prices on salt spray chamber


Due to the success of our salt spray and cyclic corrosion ASCOTT test chambers, we are pleased to let you benefit of our new rates applicable from the first of May 2009.

Our recent investments allow us to reduce our costs and to benefit our customers ! 

We also market a new range of salt spray test chambers LCS 500/ LCS 1000 meeting the standards ISO 9227, NFX 410002, ASTM B117. These chambers were developed to be simple, robust and economical to purchase as much as its use.

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Photostability tests


Q-Lab is known as being the leader of the UV weathering tests with the famous QUV model. Q-Lab is also an important laboratory for accelerated weathering tests : 2 test sites in Florida and Arizona, more than 100 Q-Trac natural sunlight concentrators. Q-Lab completes its offer with the arrival of the new models of the Xenon weathering testers Q-Sun.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the pharmaceutical and
cosmetic markets (ICH Q1B), Q-Lab developed the tester Q-Sun Xe-1-BC. This tester is ideal to test the light stability of your products or packing (bottles, boxes, films...). The Q-Sun Xe-1-BC is a concentrate of technology because it controls uninterrupted the radiance, temperature of the sample and the temperature of the air in the tester in order to maintain the products at ambient temperature. Q-Lab also developed a range of supports adapted to your needs.

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